Offutt Communications Annex #4 Silver Creek, Nebraska
41-20-46, 97-43-17 - A few miles northwest of Silver Creek, NE

One of two low-frequency transmitter sites, Silver Creek was able to broadcast emergency messages to SAC bomber and missile bases worldwide. Abandoned in 1994, the site was characterized by a very tall 1240' transmitter tower which stood well above the surrounding countryside. The tower was removed at some point after 1994 and the administrative building was demolished at some point between Scott Murdock's expedition (His photo of the admin building) and 2010. He also has a photo of the site during the summer time (Here)

The main site, from a distance I would guess that reinforced concrete was utilized to guard against nuclear blast. Inside of this building were communications equipment and computers to relay SAC HQ alert messages. 

Quite a difference from before, the pad for the administrative building now long gone. 

A distant shot of the communications bunker, off to the sides at various intervals (counted in the hundreds of feet) were 3'x3' concrete blocks which held the guy wires to the antenna.

Another look at the communication bunker, pretty poor shape. 

This commercial power pole ran power into the site at one time before being dismantled, the yellow sign indicated an underground cable conduit running from the site well east (it was obvious at the end of the road that a cable corridor ran east out of site) 

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