Omaha Air Force Station - North Omaha, Nebraska

April 1952 to September 1968

Activated early during the American effort to build a reliable and survivable early-warning radar network, 789th Radar Squadron (SAGE) activated to provide radar coverage of the Missouri Valley and areas in and around Omaha, Nebraska.

An AN/CPS-4 and a AN/FPS-3 were initially deployed to the site but these were eventually replaced by an AN/FPS-6 and an AN/FPS-20 respectively. By 1959 the site was conducting FAA air traffic control and in 1960 became home to the 6th Missile Battalion, 43rd Artillery operating Nike-Hercules air-defense missiles in sites in eastern Nebraska and one in western Iowa.

In 1964 the AN/FPS-20 was upgraded to an AN/FPS-66 and in 1966 to an AN/FPS-66A. The site deactivated in 1968 and the search radar was transferred to the FAA. Today the site is still run by the FAA and feeds into its national air-traffic network.

It should be noted that Omaha Air Force Station was a modest community offering some base housing and amenities. Much of the buildings at the site remain today.

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