Welcome to the new Cold War Nebraska Online Museum

Dedicated to the veterans who served in Nebraska during this troubled time, our mission is the preservation of both military and civil history.

The Cold War deeply influenced Nebraska life from its beginnings in 1946, peaking in the 1960s until the end in 1990. Many understand Offutt Air Force Base to be the center point of America's nuclear deterrence but it also operated many more sites in Nebraska from Air Force Bases to radar sites, communication centers and missile silos.

The U.S. Army also had a role considering its air-defense mission in the Omaha and Lincoln areas as well as its influence in munitions production at Sioux and Nebraska Ordinance Plants as well as the Cornhusker Army Ammunition Depot in Grand Island.

The Navy had a smaller yet significant role. Naval Air Station Lincoln was active during the 1950s and a Naval Reserve center remained throughout the Cold War. Blaine Naval Ammunition Depot near Hastings, the largest such depot in the nation, supported the Navy into the 1950s.

Militarily last, but not least were the Nebraska Army and Air National Guard units who served during the Cold War. From swift air defense fighters to the humble small town armory, these troops stood at the ready.

We will also touch on Civil Defense issues in Nebraska including fallout shelters and evacuation drills.

Stay tuned for new updates!
Update 3/2/10 - Silver Creek Page Added
Update 12/23/10 - Omaha Air Force Station Page Added
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